Interactions Related to Audio

Posted by Angelia on August 11, 2014

Collect possible interactions that have to be considered when we design test cases.

Categories Interactions
Call Incoming call while playing
Call After phone call
Mute Mute while playing
Mute Mute then play
Mute Mute switch
Volume Control Adjust volume while playing
Interaction Music playing background
Interaction Auto screen lock
Interaction Manually lock screen
Interaction Pushed background
Interaction Pulled background
Input/Output Nothing plugged in
Output Headphone plugged in
Output Plugging headphone
Output Unplugging headphone
Output Using Airplay
Input/Output Using Bluetooth headphone/speaker
Input Privacy-access microphone
Interaction Spotify
Interaction Notification Center
Interaction Control Center
Interaction 3rd party music app could play background

Bebavior depends on product design, example see below table. interactions audio


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