This is what I do.
I am a passionate, careful and effective software tester with strong software qauality assurance experience in the mobile domains, including mobile applications, mobile platforms as well as handset. Experienced in building up test team. To be a good product manager in mobile internet domain.On this site, you will find my blog where I put down my thoughts and learning notes, interesting links and my personal profile. You'll find ways to get in touch with me as well. This is my resume .


I am Wang Li, graduated from Suzhou University in 2004 and majored in Computer Mathmatics. I like Mathmatics from my childhood.
My first goal in college is financial,then spent more than 2 years on ecomics courses, but I was totally attracted by operational research in junior period. Then I changed focus to transportation planning,spent the last year in college to try to pass master exam. Not surprisingly, I failed exam. That's why I am programming:-)

After graduation, I joined BenQ, a Taiwan company,full of passion at that time. I worked as a software testing engineer in mobile phone development department. With disappear of BenQ-Siemens brand, BenQ's mobile department was separated. 50% members including me were transferred to outsourcing business, when I have been working there for nearly 4 years.

Like every programmer, I was attracted by Microsoft, but was only a contractor,signed labor contract with another company. After having stayed there for 4 months, I left.

By chance later in 2008, I joined Kodak, as an automation testing engineer in PDC(Product Development Center),then as a mobile test lead. This time, I was very lucky. I knew Max and Crab, who are the best manager and supervisor I have been working with. I learned a lot from them,grew up very fast in those years. I set up a new test team for the first time,making process, interviewing, doing peformance review for team members, estimating budget,making annual plan and so forth. The most important thing benifit me is learning to improve product development process, writing iOS app and coaching new testers.

I had great colleagues and friends in Kodak. Unluckily Kodak went bankruptcy protection in 2012. AiO business was closed and Kodak Gallary was sold. Other businesses mobile team was responsible for was cut and my team was also cut. After insisting on a year, It's time to say goodbye to Kodak for me.

In March 2013, I joined EF labs, to be a member of a very cool mobile team, with geek guys from different countries. I am the 3rd member of android team, 1st tester. Now we have more and more new members. I really appreciated to join this team, especailly Android team, which is the best team I have been working with. We have efficient team-spirit, flexible corporation, kindly developers,who always provide kinds of helps to testers. We have a kind team leader Anton, who is an excellent tech leader, so kind, so humor...

I am very lucky to have second chance to set up a test team. With help of my manager, we interviewed and invited 3 more testers. Now we have a super strong test team, each member is talent. I enjoy working here, still full of passion on Apple products. More responsibilities comes to me, I believe I can handle smoothly.

I always said in my presentation that mobile tester should "Think like Product Owner: from user’s perspective", "Agile like Developer: Sensitive to technology", "Execute as Tester: Meticulous attention to detail". An excellent mobile tester could be a good product manager or a good programmer as needed. Yes,I am.